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BeeLine English School came to existence in 2015 under the Nusratul Islam Sangam with the sole objective of imparting quality modern competent education to students. Nusrathul Islam Sangam (NIS) is a distinguished educational undertaking based in Ullanam North of Parappanangadi Municipality, totally devoted to reviving religious education in the locality. The institution provides a best educational coveniences along with a good infrastructure in placid, serene location at Kadulundi river bank with a holistic nature.

The school focuses on moulding distinct students  with good behaviour, charecter and well conduct based on Islamic values and morals of Indian culture. The children are groomed in such a manner that they uphold the values in life. The school also instills in the children the feelings of patriotism and humanitarianism.

The school has classes from Albirr, the Islamic pre school to Standard 2. The students are given quality value added modern education coupled with the orientation classes to equip them to face challenges in life. The smart education is provided to children from pre school onwards. The school has a good library with ample collection of books. Each and every students are ensured, the reading library books to acquire more knowledge apart from their curriculum books. Students are also encouraged to take part in various competions, programs and scholarship examinations.

In addition to the scholastic excellence and achievements of the students, their performance in the extra curricular activities are tested and reccorded and sports competitions are also conducted as per schedule, according to priority.